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Rinnai are a registered provider of CPD courses, As the UK and European market leader in the supply of gas fired continuous flow water heaters for commercial, domestic and renewable intregration, Rinnai is at the forefront of innovative and efficient systems and technology.

The Uk water heating industry is facing a myriad of environmental and politcially driven market forces, including the need to reduce carbon emissions within new and existing buildings. We seek to clarify and engage with the market to assist decision making and understanding of the different message faced by today's engineers, installers and designers.

We will demonstrate how innovation can reduce the burden on fossil fuels whilst maxisimising renewable gains. We will look at the growing support for continuous flow technologies and how this can benefit the industry versus traditional gas fired storage systems. We will analyse water heating design and specification discussing technical issues associated with product installation.

Specific training can be tailored to cover all aspects of commissioning and servicing processes, to deliver consistency, Rinnai has invested in a successful combination of a fully equipped training facility as well as CPD courses supported by our mobile vehicle - we can also deliver bite-size 1 hour courses to suit your needs.

To increase your knowledge, skills, expertise and value within a growing product category - trust Rinnai's unique and proven experience in innovative training. Download our training brochure below for more details.

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