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  • Rinnai LPG water heating solutions, BioLPG water heating systems for caravan parks

  • Top-notch sports training facilities, gear, and support resources case studies. The outstanding facilities employ Rinnai continuous flow condensing water heaters and hybrid heat pump systems which utilise cutting-edge technology to supply an endless supply of hot water to the showers and changing rooms and other areas.

  • Hotel water heating projects undertaken by Rinnai heating solutions - Visitors require a consistent supply of commercial hot water; Hotel operators require commercial hot water to be supplied in a cost effective, energy efficient manner by Natural gas water heaters, LOW-GWP heat pumps or hybrid hot water systems.

  • Commercial water heating projects using Rinnai heating and hot water technology whether that be gas fired water heaters or electric heat pumps to provide hot water in a cost effective, energy efficient manner by that can also be incorporated into hybrid hot water tanks.

  • Health care facilities require a robust and efficient hot water system within this section Rinnai showcase how their gas fired water heaters and heat pump systems have provide water heating solutions to the NHS. The use of Hydrogen ready water heaters and hybrid heat pump systems are also included.

  • Military hot water systems require copious amounts of hot water, in this section Rinnai showcase their LPG water heater solutions, Bio-LPG ready solutions and electric water heaters that can be supported by Solar thermal and heat pumps to make innovative Hybrid heating solutions.

  • Rinnai commercial case studies include our H3 water heating solutions, which consists of Hydrogen ready boilers and water heaters, Hybrid heating solutions that incorporate commercial heat pumps and Virtuhot solar thermal and Low-GWP heat pumps.

  • Hybrid water heating solutions that incorporate solar thermal and or heat pump solutions with electric storage water heaters or gas-fired Hydrogen ready or Bio-LPG ready instant hot water systems

  • Energy saving Solutions, Malta, has been using continuous flow LPG water heaters since 2007 combining them with solar thermal to create solar thermal hybrid water heating solutions. For more information, click on the link.