The range of Rinnai HPIH Monobloc air source heat pumps come in 21, 26, 28 and 32KW variants. The heat pump technology allows up to seven units to be cascaded together. The HPIH range can operate as a standalone heat pump or in sequence supplying larger heating and hot water demands. The HPIH has a range of controls and system peripherals ensure that the system can be monitored, and maximum efficiencies can be visualised. The HPIH range deploy R32 refrigerant which has a low GWP. This combined is state of the art components ensures an efficient and effective system.

Ideal applications

  • Public sector buildings – schools
  • Commercial outlets – restaurants
  • Small retail outlets 

The HPI use R32 refrigerant and has an ERP rating of A++ making this range of heat pumps an economical and environmental sound choice for future and refurbishment projects.