Solar technology is designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind.

The core design of VirtuHOT has benefited from multiple workshops with experienced installers, whose valuable insights have been integrated into design and innovation for transportation, installation, and maintenance. From Virtu’s low-profile design to the modular assembly, our innovation keeps life simple for installers and maintenance teams.


What is unique virtuHOT about and Rinnai products?

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Saves more carbon

Virtu saves up to 3.5x more carbon per m2 compared to conventional solar technology. This combined with the Rinnai water heating system will save carbon created through traditional storage-based systems, mainly due to heat losses and over-sizing. Rinnai water heaters will modulate to 4.4kW therefore only using gas to boost the temperature - harnessing renewable gains and not compromising on performance.


Greater returns

Virtu delivers up to 50% greater financial returns per m2 in comparison to conventional solar technology. Rinnai intelligent hot water systems can save more than 30% in operational running costs when compared to storage systems.


Reduces risk

Virtu protects customers from energy prices and exposure to ever-increasing energy and climate change legislation. Rinnai only uses the gas needed to boost the water temperature and all water heaters are hydrogen blend ready 20% and Bio LPG ready.


Lower installation and maintenance costs

A design-led architecture and turnkey solution makes Virtu easy to install and keeps maintenance to a minimum; backed by a warranty of up to 10 years. Rinnai water heaters come with a warranty of upto 10 years, are lightweight (one-man lift), can be cited internally or externally, and have a compact design (670x470x276mm). We have created a low maintenance, high performance system that lowers carbon footprint without compromising performance.

  • Reduce scope 1 emissions using 100% renewable solar heat
  • Higher energy-density compared to market-leading solar thermal panels

  • Simple modular assembly
  • Integrated mounting with self ballasting: no need for roof penetration
  • Compatible with any roof type
  • Low profile: 26.5 cm installed height

Ideal for:

  • Multi-dwelling residential
  • Manufacturing
  • Food & beverage
  • Hospitality & leisure