The Rinnai Infinity E Series of external gas-fired continuous flow water heaters will never run out of hot water. Whilst electricity, water and gas services are connected, temperature accurate hot water will be available whenever hot water outlets are open. The E series has market leading efficiency at 93% (Gross) saving energy and operational costs. The innovative E series is an externally mounted water heater with IPx5D water ingress protection.

Smart micro-processors ensure that hot water is delivered at the desired pre-set temperature. This feature supports compliance to legionella best practice, promotes comfort, eliminates the risk of scalding, and maximises system efficiency.

  • Compact size saving wall and floor space (dimensions length 531x 270x 191)
  • Light-weight 18kgs (no need for heavy lifting gear)
  • Hot Water Delivery Capacity max flowrate 20l/min
  • Temperature Accuracy -1 / +1 from the appliance setpoint
  • Direct force exhaust
  • Temperature Range 37-65°C
  • Ignition Method Direct electronic
  • IPx5D rated
  • Gross Efficiency 93%
  • Net Efficiency 103%

The advanced micro-processors will measure incoming water temperatures and modulate the gas input to guarantee that the system will only use the required energy to increase the water temperature saving energy, operational costs, and carbon.

The water heater constantly monitors the water temperature if fluctuations in system temperature do occur the gas water heater will switch off if the temperature rises 3 degrees above the set point. The enhanced ignition system is all electric, so there is no pilot flame. When the hot water is off, no gas is used.

The Rinnai KCM continuous flow water heaters are Fan assisted (power flue) appliances. This makes them compact and light-weight 18kg (dimensions length 531x 270x 191). Remote connectivity is also available allowing temperature setting, diagnostic information, error codes and other points to be accessible by BMS or over IP.