HPMAX 66kw-115kw robust commercial heat pumps for large commercial systems

The HPMAX series of reverse cycle heat pumps are designed for applications in commercial and industrial sectors. The HPMAX are versatile and can operate in heat pump mode with the possibility of producing hot water at a temperature up to 60°C.

The HPMAX scroll compressors technology, specifically designed for R410A and the use of inverter DC brushless compressors, integrated circulators with variable water flow and electronic expansion valve, together optimize the energy consumption and the operational efficiency of the whole system. 

The range of Rinnai HPMAX inverter air source heat pumps come in 68, 75, 86, 93, 102 and 111kW variants. The heat pump technology allows up to seven units to be cascaded together. The HPMAX range can operate as a standalone heat pump or in sequence supplying larger heating and hot water demands. 

The HPMAX is a robust large commercial air source designed for heavy commercial / industrial usage. The HPIH can be cascaded to a maximum of 7 units making the range well suited to a large array of commercial applications. 

Ideal applications 

• Large public sector buildings 
• Large Commercial and retail outlets 

The HPI uses R410A refrigerant and has an ERP rating of A++ making this range of heat pumps an economical and environmental sound choice for future and refurbishment projects.