Standard Commercial flue options

The concentric flue system has a coaxial connection of Ø80/125mm for the intake of combustion air (external pipe) and for the expulsion of combustion products (central pipe).

The turbo fan within the N series range ensures that it is possible to connect additional flue extensions to extend the flue system to market leading levels.

The maximum equivalent length for concentric flue runs for the models N series N26 and N32 is 46m. Over 15m the capacities of the water heater are reduced by 5%. Over 46 m the capacities of the water heater is reduced by 15%.

The use of each 90° bend (Ø80/125mm) is equivalent to 2m, of each 45° bend (Ø80/125mm) is equivalent to 1 m: subtract this value to the max equivalent length for each bend used.

There is no minimum required distance for the flue system. The flue must be installed in accordance with: Manufacturers Installation Instructions British Standards including BS5440 Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations IGEM/UP/10 Part1 Edition 2 Building Regulation J Such other specifications and regulations that may supersede or complement the above documents. The flue must be installed by a competent, authorised person. It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure that the unit has been installed to all current requirements. Location of the appliance flue terminal must be in accordance with the clearances shown in the latest BS5440-1.

Plume kits available

Common header flues

Rinnai continuous flow water heaters are designed to manifold easily – to supply the greatest of demand. One perceived drawback of a multiple water heater installation in an interior plant room was that each unit had to have its own flue, and thus required cores hole through the building fabric for each individual unit.

This problem is removed by common header fluing arrangements, the innovative B- and C-type approved common header flue system can cater for up to a maximum of 10 appliances, eliminating the need for individual flue terminations.

Rinnai are happy to assist in the selection and advice on fluing methods. Just click “help me choose