R290 High-temperature air source heat pumps 40kw -50kw

Rinnai R290 40kw and 50kw high-temperature air source heat pumps our the largest of this product range for DHW and heating projects. The R290 commercial air source heat pumps can be cascaded for greater heating and DHW output. The Rinnai R290 high-temperature heat pump is a market leading LOW-GWP heat pump array with advanced controls making them an ideal choice for any heating or hot water applications.

The innovative ability of the R290 high-temperature heat pumps to supply hot water up to 75 degrees ensures system and design flexibility. The Rinnai range of heat pump technology comes with smart control that features demand side response functionality which will further future-proof sustainability.  

The R290 models have low noise capability making them suitable for areas with prohibitive sound legislation. The 40kw and 50kw air source heat pumps use R290 natural refrigerant gas which has a GWP (global warming potential) of 3 ensuring that the Rinnai R290 high-temperature heat pump range is a sustainable and future proof heating and DHW solution. 

The 40kw and 50kw variants have a SCOP A++ due to the increased efficiency achievable with the use of R290 refrigerant gas ensuring that the Rinnai range of high-temperature heat pumps is one of the most cost-effective and economically heating solutions available.

At Rinnai we recognise the importance of design support and system efficiency, we are driving the narrative on SPF, capital expenditure and operational expenditure to ensure that your projects design delivery the best possible solution. To take advantage of this service use our “help me choose” service today, By following this link Help me choose a product :: Rinnai UK (rinnai-uk.co.uk)

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