Take control of limescale with proven commercial water conditioner and maximise system efficiency with Rinnai commercial water heaters

Nexus by Aquabion is a uniquely-powered water conditioner for commercial hot water systems. Independently tested, it is a low-maintenance way to protect a property against the damaging and expensive impact of limescale.

  • Long lasting protection against the formation of hard limescale
  • Ensure bacteria has fewer places to hide as a result of cleaner surfaces
  • Protects capital investment
  • Independently tested and proven
  • WRAS Approved
  • Permanent treatment of water
  • Used and specified in all market sectors

The water conditioner is widely specified and installed in a range of sectors such as manufacturing, hotels, retail and supermarkets, healthcare and education as well as public authorities.

Proven Performance & Delivers Value Engineering

The electrolytic zinc anode technology used is listed in the UK Building regulations - Part L Building Services Compliance Guide, whereas "external to pipe" water conditioning techniques are not mentioned.

The low level of Zinc additions made by this water conditioner changes the water chemistry and inhibit the formation of limescale by transforming calcium carbonate crystals in such a way that they do not stick.

Delivering Value Engineering

The zinc treatment process does not decay after dosing and its effectiveness is not impacted by water storage or agitation caused by passing through a booster set. The system can be installed in the rising main, before the water heater and booster set. Capex cost savings are probable because the rising main pipe size is often a smaller diameter than the hot and cold water distribution pipe sizes. As our treatment does not decay, we only need to install one system to treat the whole location, offering an attractive value engineering opportunity.