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Equine sites throughout Britain are equipped with Rinnai Continuous Flow Water Heaters, which offer comfortable cleaning conditions both on and off the gas grid.

A tiny portion of the more than 700,000 horses in the UK are used for commercial horse racing, sometimes referred to as the "Sport of Kings," which takes place at tracks all around the British Isles. Less than 20,000 of those horses are race horses, but all horses require proper care in terms of routine, diet and nutrition, exercise, grooming, and animal welfare, which includes keeping them clean.

Horses are also quite profitable; the value of the entire market is estimated to be £8 billion, of which the sports racing sector alone accounts for £3 billion.

All equestrian stables and farms place a high priority on hygiene in order to maintain the cleanliness and grooming of their horses, which requires abundant and ready supplies of temperature-controlled hot water. Horse owners must ensure that the water is warm enough for their horses' comfort and tolerance because cold water can cause great discomfort in them. The optimal water temperature for washing a horse should be about body temperature, which can vary from 37.2°C to 38.5°C (99.0°F to 101.4°F). Ideally, the temperature should be around 37°C.

The above temperatures are near set points within the Rinnai water heater range of products, so this is a real differentiation to any other type of hot water delivery at a commercial stables or equine centre,” says Peter Seddon for Rinnai..

It should be mentioned that horses also favoured warm (66 degrees Fahrenheit) to cold (32–38 degrees Fahrenheit) beverages, according to recent research from Pennsylvania University in the United States. This is an essential component of health. Colic is one of the digestive ailments that can affect horses as well. Maintaining a horse's optimum hydration is essential to preventing colic, as increasing water consumption can reduce the likelihood of this happening.

For instantaneous amounts of precisely controlled hot water, many stables have installed Rinnai hot water heating units; many of these are LPG-powered and equipped to handle renewable liquid fuels via bulk tanks or bottles.

More than a hundred racehorses reside in one stable that just installed a Rinnai system. The water heating system gives the stables rapid access to clean, temperature-controlled hot water whenever needed. Almost a thousand litres per hour can be pleasantly delivered by the Rinnai system, and much more if the system is multiplied. 

With just a button press, Rinnai Hot Water Heaters provide temperature control and come with a "A Rated" energy efficiency rating. Innovative water heater technology from Rinnai is a practical choice for the home, farm, and horse industries.

The stables owner commented,” We are incredibly happy with the new Rinnai system as the old one had had its day. Now we get continuous flow, I turn a tap on and we have temperature accurate hot water straight away. The system is fast, effective clean and easy.” 

For equestrian enterprises that need to have access to hot water that is precisely heated and guarantees total on-site hygiene, Rinnai's water heating solutions are perfect. Whether the property is residential, commercial, or off-grid, Rinnai Water Heating technology is both cost-effective and operationally efficient. It may be applied in a variety of settings and applications, and it can offer a creative solution to meet your property's needs.

The hydrogen/BioLPG ready technology, hybrid systems and a variety of solar thermal and LOW GWP heat pumps are all part of Rinnai's H3 line of decarbonising solutions. Additionally, Infinity hydrogen blend ready and BioLPG ready continuous flow water heaters are available in Rinnai's H3 range. These water heaters are packed with features that guarantee long life, reliable and durable operation, customer satisfaction, and product efficiency.

Heat pumps, solar panels, hydrogen in any configuration, and hybrid forms for household or commercial use are all part of Rinnai's H1/H2/H3 line of decarbonising goods. The H3 product line from Rinnai provides end users, consultants, and contractors with a selection of strong, reliable, and reasonably priced decarbonising appliances that result in workable, financially viable, and technically achievable solutions. Every fuel and appliance type currently on the market is included in the spectrum, including electric, gas, hydrogen, BioLPG, rDME solar thermal, low GWP heat pumps and electric water heaters.

Rinnai H1 continuous water heaters and boilers provide economical and practical decarbonisation through innovative technology that is ready for renewable liquid gas and hydrogen.Since clean hydrogen fuels are expected to play a significant role in the global energy market in the future, Rinnai's H1 option is focused on hydrogen. The company's water heaters are ready for hydrogen blends up to 20% and come with the first hot water heating technology in the world that is 100% hydrogen-ready.

Rinnai H2 – Decarbonisation simplified with renewable gas-ready units, Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Hybrids Rinnai H2 is designed to introduce a practical and low-cost option which may suit specific sites and enable multiple decarbonisation pathways with the addition of high performance.

Rinnai H3 – Low-GWP heat pump technology made easy - Rinnai heat pumps are available for domestic and commercial usage with an extensive range of 4 - 115kW appliances.

Rinnai’s H3 heat pumps utilise R32 refrigerant and have favourable COP and SCOP.

Producing more than two million hot water heaters annually, Rinnai is a global leader in the industry and has operations on all five continents. The company is well-known for creating goods with excellent performance, economical efficiency, and long lifespans.

The endless supply of instantaneously temperature-controlled hot water provided by Rinnai's commercial and residential continuous-flow water heaters is made possible by its design, which takes into account both current and future energy sources. Condensing water heaters made by Rinnai can run on existing fuel or mixtures of hydrogen gas. Rinnai units are also appropriate for off-grid users that need rDME, BioLPG, or LPG.

Rinnai products are available for purchase 24/7/365, have an A-rated water efficiency, are i2HY20 certified, and can be accessed through different fuel sources. Any unit can be delivered in a day to any location in the United Kingdom. When purchasing a Rinnai system, one can assess the financial and carbon savings through Rinnai's carbon and cost comparison services. In addition, Rinnai offers a system design service that will recommend a suitable solution for the given property. In-depth CPDs and technical assistance covering every facet of the water heating sector are provided by Rinnai. Visit Rinnai's website and its "Help Me Choose" link for further details.