Rinnai provides specialist courses an training on our appliances. As the UK and European market leader in the supply of gas-fired continuous-flow water heaters for commercial, domestic, and renewable integration. Rinnai is at the forefront of innovative and efficient systems and technology. We have seven specific courses on appliance training.

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Special training can be arranged to cover all aspects of the maintenance and repair process, to ensure stability, Rinnai has invested in a good mix of comprehensive training facilities and courses delivered in the charger from our vehicles - we can also provide short one-hour lessons based on your needs.

To increase your knowledge, skills, expertise, and value in a growing product category, rely on Rinnai's unique experience and innovative training. Download our training brochure below for more details

Course Titles:

  • Course 1 - N-Series Training (3hr) - Heavy Duty Condensing installation service and maintenance
  • Course 2 – A-Series Training (2hr) - Covers domestic water heater installation service and maintenance
  • Course 3 – HDC Range Training (3hr) Service and maintenance of all previous-generation condensing units and current none condensing units
  • Course 4 – Combi Boiler Course (1.5hr) Installation service and maintenance
  • Course 5 – Heat Pumps (2hr) Monobloc installation training
  • Course 6 – Renewables- Solar/HP hybrid systems (2hr) Integrating renewables into commercial systems
  • Course 7 – Part L updates 2022 (1hr)