Over our 100-year history of innovation, we’ve proven our commitment to quality, safety, and support is behind everything we do. We make it easy to pick the right water heating solution to support the needs of your business and customers.

We are bringing the Rinnai mission of “creating a healthier way of living” to life, in the form of our H3 solutions initiative. So, whether you are looking at natural gas to Hydrogen, Hybrid gas and electric or all electric heating and hot water systems, we have a market leading solution for you.

Backed with design support, extensive warranties and carbon calculation services in the form of our innovative “Greenbook” We are here to support you on our quest to “create a healthier way of living”

We are bringing to market products that save energy using ecological gases. In the case of our heat pump range, we use environmentally friendly refrigerants like R32 to reduce global warming potential. We are investing in the R&D of heating systems with heat pumps and hybrid systems so that electron based technology can easily integrate with our extensive range of molecule based products whilst continuing to explore new and replacement refrigerant gas types.

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