Introducing Hydrogen, Hybrid & Heat Pump Systems

Our story

To make people’s lives easier in ways compatible with a sustainable global environment, we are a brand that creates high quality products and makes people’s lives healthier and more comfortable by leveraging thermal energy and water control technologies. 

We are creating a healthier way of living  

At Rinnai we are delivering our brand promise through our innovative H3 initiative, which will set forward three core product categories.  

 Hydrogen Ready and Renewable Liquid Fuel ready technology, Rinnai is pioneering the deployment of Hydrogen Blend Ready 20% and 100% Hydrogen ready water heating systems along with advanced developments in rDME. 

 Hybrids. Rinnai supply value-added and retrofittable hybrid hot water systems that include solar thermal, heat pump, electric and PV systems

 Heat Pumps, Rinnai can supply market leading, Low-GWP heat pump technology. 


Our market leading product portfolio is enhanced by design support, capital expenditure, operational expenditure, and carbon modelling.

We are making “creating a healthier way of living” as easy as H1, H2, H3.

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To find out more about our global sustainability objectives download our path to carbon neutrality.