The Rinnai instant electric water heater range uses advanced components to ensure that the system efficiency is maximised and unrivalled levels of performance are achievable.

The innovative Rinnai instant electric water heater range uses enhanced heating and control technologies, each element of the system is engineered to ensure quality and safety. The smart bare wiring heating technology can deliver an elevated level of domestic hot water convenience by offering direct heating capability.

The bare wiring technology sits directly in the water enabling the electric instant water heaters to generate the pre-set temperature quickly and accurately. The appliance will support a constant and correct level of DHW up to the systems outlet.

The temperature selector dial can enable water temperature setpoints that increase in 0.5 ° increments. Thedigital display.png combination of these technologies creates a market leading ability to provide the hot water you need for your projects rapidly and safely.

The Rinnai instantaneous electric water heaters have an adjustable temperature range from 20°C to 60°C. The built in sensor technology will auto detect changes in water temperature and adjust the heating power automatically providing constant DHW.

The Rinnai Instant electric water heater range delivers the selected water temperature rapidly and efficiently, making it an ideal choice for high water demand applications. A single Rinnai electric instantaneous water heater can supply multiple outlets at the same time – irrespective of DHW volume.

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