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Mod Shower Block

Mod Shower Block

August 15th, 2019

Rinnai continuous flow condensing units were specified based on previously completed projects on many army camps spread throughout the country.

Rinnai, the UK leader in hot water systems, has recently completed an installation of 20 HDC 1500i units on shower blocks at an MoD barracks. LPG is the onsite fuel for all the Rinnai systems. Rinnai designed the systems in close co-operation with the local contractor who installed all the units – and the on-site facilities management company.


The end-user, the facilities provider and the installing contractor were all agreed on the excellence of Rinnai product performance, energy savings on fuel, product reliability & durability.


Comprehensive site surveys were completed between Rinnai and the services provider and designs for the systems were based on using two of what was the then plant rooms which housed two extremely large calorifiers. Each plant room was re-engineered with the installation of 10 high performance, high efficiency Rinnai HDC1500i continuous flow, instantaneous water heaters per plant room. Each plant room of 10 units were installed in ‘banks’ of five units and set with the Rinnai (MECS) Manifold Electronic Controls.  This intelligent energy optimising system brings additional water levels into operation only when required, meaning energy is only used when needed. 


The MECS system ensures system longevity as it guarantees that each water heater in the bank is used for the same period of time over its life cycle. Each of the ‘banks’ of five units were also designed and supplied with a common header flue system which provides a compact, neat installation, as well as minimising plant room terminations and offering a quicker, easier installation.


Rinnai’s HDC1500, is an award-winning range of units. The range was developed to guarantee the maximum amount of affordable, ecologically friendly safe-temperature controlled hot water on demand at any one time by even the heaviest commercial user, even at peak times. In this case an army barracks..


Both Rinnai HDC1500 internal and external models turn in an impressive energy performance of 105% net efficiency. *Each Infinity Plus Cascade module comprises a minimum of two HDC1500 units and as any number of modules can be manifolded, the capacity for never ending ‘cascading’ hot water is infinite. Installation is straightforward and simple – each Rinnai HDC 1500i Infinity Plus Cascade comes with its own precision engineered rack, so there is no need to fabricate one or get involved with major re-jigging of pipe work or excessive flueing, the rack eliminates these time-consuming procedures, streamlining installation and helping keep remedial costs to a minimum


According to Chris Goggin:

“Rinnai Infinity Plus 1500i Cascade represents the best value-for-money commercial hot water solution on the market today, delivered direct to site in one complete, easy to manage package. Its impressive energy performance ratings also make it a highly desirable development at a time when everybody is looking at decreasing energy bills and maximising energy efficiency.”