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Premier Manufacturing

Premier Manufacturing

August 15th, 2019

Rinnai UK is helping a leading manufacturer of luxury mobile shower blocks for events and festivals provide never-ending hot water on the move.

Premier Manufacturing, established in 1990 in Leominster, Hertfordshire, is a leader in the field of luxury mobile facilities for use at prime events such as Henley Regatta and Wimbledon. Premier's Managing director Mike Williams realised there was also a market for mobile shower blocks for large off-grid events and festivals. "People were definitely not being offered the sort of shower blocks they required - and were prepared to pay for - so we started manufacturing custom-built shower blocks, which are available in six- and four-bay modules and supplied to site with Rinnai continuous flow LPG fired water heaters." "We have been using Rinnai units for many years because I am really impressed with their reliability, their robust construction and the technical expertise of the Rinnai organisation on the subject of hot water" "With events spanning three or four days a good shower is a requisite and the Rinnai units have proved themselves over and over again. As they are mounted within mobile shower units the Rinnai Infinity water heaters are pulled and pushed around a lot but their compact and solid commercial design ensures that they can stand up to this rough handling. The build quality is excellent and the hot water delivery performance is unrivalled"

“With events spanning three or four days a good shower is a requisite and the Rinnai units have proved themselves over and over again”

-Mike Williams, Managing Director

The Rinnai infinity Heavy Duty HD55i Internal water heater is a wall hung, gas fired, continuous flow water heater capable of delivering 780 litres per hour of hot water at a 50°C rise. The Rinnai infinity Heavy Duty fully modulating gas fired water heater range features outputs up to 52.6kW and water can be delivered at high volume with very precise temperature control.

Innovative control mechanisms regulate the water temperature to within +/- 1°C of the temperature set point without any variation in temperature should other water draw offs be made - ensuring safe and consistent water temperature at all times. All models have full electronic ignition with no pilot light and operate on-demand only, therefore consuming no gas when not in use.