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The Rinnai internal flueing system is highly versatile and makes installation of an internal water heater simple and convenient.

Quick tips

  1. The heater can be flued vertically, horizontally or any combination of both.
  2. Horizontal flueing can be used as a direct through the wall flue or extended from another internal wall.
  3. Vertical flueing is used when the water heater needs to be flued vertically through the roof.
  4. A siphon pack is required when vertical flue exceeds 1.5 metres.
  5. Rinnai Infinity internal water heaters are classified as 'room sealed' appliances. Flue systems must be installed in accordance with Rinnai Installation instructions (supplied with flue terminals), local gas fitting regulations, municipal building codes, and all other relevant statutory regulations.
  6. A full range of extensions, bends, brackets and flashings are availaable from Rinnai.
  7. All comp0onents for the Infinity HD and HDC range are 80mm inner diameter and 125mm outer diameter.
  8. Maximum flue length is 13m )HD) or 15m (HDC) less 2m per bend, up to a maximum of 4 bends. Additonally. the height from top of the heater to the terminal cannot exceed 9m.
  9. Only Rinai flueing systems must be used with internal water heaters, Use of non-Rinnai flueing systems will invalidate the heater warranty.

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