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Common Header

Common Header

The common flue streamlines modular installation

A bank of continuous flow gas water heaters will easily supply a safe, constant supply of hot water, 24/7, for large commercial applications with maximised energy efficiency, whatever and whenever the demand.

Rinnai continuous flow water heaters are designed to manifold easily – but installation has become even easier. One perceived drawback of a multiple installation in an interior plant room was that each unit had to have its own flue, and thus required punching a hole through the building fabric for each individual unit.

Rinnai has now removed this problem with the launch of a common header flue system streamlining installations of its award-winning Infinity condensing continuous flow gas water heaters, and making the whole process significantly more cost effective.

Until now, if you were manifolding a bank of five units that meant making five holes in the roof or wall to flue them individually.

The innovative B- and C-type approved common header flue system can cater for up to a maximum of 10 appliances, creating a more holistic plant room design specification.

The innovation is a logical step; eliminating the need for individual flue termination on modular banks of water heaters and commercial buffer systems makes for common sense.

Typically, modular systems are specified in large commercial applications including factories, process applications, hotels, sports arenas and shower blocks in leisure centres and caravan parks, among other applications.

The advent of the common flue makes installing banks of product such as Rinnai's range simple and quick.

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