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Warranty Call Out

If you have submit this form Rinnai UK will take it that you understand and agree to what is on both pages and to sanction the warranty process; you agree to supply Rinnai UK, Copies of:

  • Proof of Commissioning
  • Proof of Service History
  • Proof of Purchase

Please do not submit this form without clicking and reading the information inside.


This form is a request for replacement parts, a Technical Agent or both to be sent/attend the above site under the warranty of the appliance. The person completing this form becomes the requestor and agrees to take any changes that may occur on behalf of themselves or the company they work for. The requestor agrees that the Rinnai appointed engineer will be given access to the unit. If the engineer is not given access to the unit the call out will still be charged (see below for charges). Once this form has been returned to Rinnai UK OR made ready for collection will be charged at list price. If the fault is caused be external causes, by not following Manufacturers Installation Instructions or Current Standards/ Regulations then the warranty is void for this call out and the costs of the call out to be charged to the requestor.

Periods of Warranty:

Infinity (White case)

3 years parts with the first year Labour from date of purchase (providing that they are not installed in a commercial application (contact RUK to find out more)

HD & HDC (Silver case)

5 years parts with the first year Labour from date of purchase

Warm Air Heaters

1 Year Parts and Labour and 15 years for Heat Exchanger from date of purchase

Call Out Charges for Work:

Travel time (both ways) and site time: up to £50 per hour (rounded up to the nearest ½ hour).

Minimum 1 hour site time and 1 hour travel (30 mins each way).

Most cases the cost of the invoice will be passed directly over so RUK only cover what RUK have paid to the agent. 

Tips & Hints to Complete Form:

What water heater have I got?

The model number and serial number can be found on the data badge on the left side of the appliance.

16i = REU-16FUA

16e = REU-V161W-E

17e = REU-VRM1720W-E

26i = REU-V2632FFU-E/REU-VR2632FFUU-E

32e = REU-V3232W-E/REU-VM3237W-E/REU-VRM3237W-E

58e = REU-58E


K26i = REU-KM2635FFUU-E








HDC1200e = REU-KM2635WDHD-E


HDC1500e = REU-KM3237WDHD-E


The model number and serial number can be found on the data badge on the right side of the appliance.


308FTR = RHFE-308FTR

309FTR = RHFE-309FTR

556T = RHFE-556T

1004FTR = RHFE-1004FTR

1004T = RHFE-10042

Warranty Form

Details of Person Requesting a Warranty Claim:

Site Detail:

 Engineers Visit (Heater Less Than 12 Months Old)
 Natural Gas

Water Heater:

 Rice Cooker

Purchase/ Installation Date
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