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Infinity K26i

Plastic flues and accessories for K26i condensing water heaters


  • The condensing flue is 80/125mm plastic / plastic.
  • A siphon pack is not required for condensing units.

Standard horizontal flue kit

For use where installations terminate horizontally. Contents: 80/125mm wall terminal (950mm), 87° bend, white wall gasket, black wall gasket.
Code: AWFKM-01

Vertical flue terminal

For use where installations terminate vertically.
Contents: 80/125mm Roof Terminal (950mm).
Code: AWFKM-07

Additional parts for the flue system

Part Code
250mm Flue extension AWFKM-04
500mm Flue extension AWFKM-05
1000mm Flue extension AWFKM-06
B7” Bend AWFKM-03
45” Bend (Pair) AWFKM-02
Roof Attic pipe clamp (125mm) AWF50-10
Standoff pipe cap (125mm) AWF50-12
Flat roof flashing (125mm) AWF50-08
Pitched roof flashing 5” - 25” (125mm) AWF50-17
Pitched roof flashing 25” - 45” (125mm) AWF50-11
Pitched roof flashing 35” - 55” (125mm) AWF50-18
Plume Kit AWFKM-04

Note: Common header flue kits are available to further streamline installation. Contact Rinnai for more details. *It is imperative that the correct flue components are used with the appliances - if in doubt call us on 01928 531870 to discuss more.