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Temperature Controls

Temperature Controls

Why Install Temperature Controllers?

Remote temperature controllers allow precise temperature control by the user. The water heater will deliver the selected temperature even when the water flow is varied or more than one tap is in use.

Each remote controller can be individually programmed, however the water heater can only deliver one set temperature at any time.

Remote temperature controllers cannot override the master temperature setting made with the DIP switches with in the heater.

  • 12 volts DC supplied from the water heater (up to 50m cable run) - depending on model
  • 12 hour AM/PM Clock
  • In-use indicator
  • Diagnostic tool for service and maintenance

Maximum Number of Temperature Controllers

Up to a maximum of four temperature controllers can be fitted to Rinnai water heaters depending on water heater model. 16i has purpose built integral conroller as standard and therefore cannot be fitted with MC or BC series control.

Any combination of Universal or Deluxe temperature controllers can be used with the following provisions:

  1. Only ONE Deluxe master temperature controller can be installed
  2. Up to TWO Deluxe bathroom temperature controllers
  3. The FOURTH water controller MUST BE a Universal
    controller (wired)


Universal Remote Controller

Our smallest and most economical model, the Rinnai compact controller can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, en-suite, even the laundry.

At the touch of a button you can change the temperature up or down as required. The 'transfer' button is a safety feature that ensures no other controller in the house can change the temperature whilst the hot water is running.

Code: AWCONT-04

  • Basic diagnostics

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