The HPHP air source heat pump series reaches high values of SEER and SCOP thanks to DC inverter scroll compressors. The DC Inverter compressor can save up to 25% of power input, adding to heat pump efficiency and performance. The efficient DC inverter scroll compressors are optimized for working under heavy duty commercial conditions, meaning that the heat can perform well in the coldest or conditions, during the coldest season (until a temperature of -25°). The state-of-the-art injection process involves injecting the refrigerant, in a vapour form, at strategic times during the compression process, improving overall system efficiency and performance when compared to conventional gas compression technologies. With the HPHP range, it is possible to produce hot water up to 60°C even with very low outside temperatures.

Ideal applications

  • Public sector buildings – schools
  • Commercial outlets – restaurants
  • Small retail outlets
  • UK domestic properties

The HPI use R32 refrigerant and has an ERP rating of A++ making this range of heat pumps an economical and environmental sound choice for future and refurbishment projects.