N series 1300 externally mounted gas fired commercial water heaters W1300e(N)

The N Series 30% Hydrogen blend ready water Heaters utilise market leading patented technology to deliver cutting edge efficiencies and performance.


  • Stainless-Steel Primary Heat Exchanger increasing durability and providing market leading warranties (Up to 7 years)
  • Low-Nox burner technology futureproofing Rinnai continuous flow water heaters through the utilisation of patented advanced burner technologies.
  • 13-1 turndown ratio – the largest available on the market.
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Powerful fan motor to allow for longer flue runs to be achievable as well as a built-in flue damper. Increasing the flexibility of the appliance when it comes to flueing options.
  • Any number of Rinnai water heaters can be cascade to supply the greatest of hot water demand.
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The N Series can deliver high volumes of temperature accurate hot water. Rinnai Water Heaters can deliver hot water at accuracy level which is + / - 1˚C of the heater set point. The N1600 can produce up to 37 litres per minute and the N1300 can produce up to 35 litre per. There is also an additional flow booster setting within the N Series which can allow even higher volumes if the right conditions are met (dynamic water pressure of over 3 bar and water heater set to 40 or below).

With the powerful fan motor, the N Series can also achieve flue runs of up to 46 meters utilising the Rinnai concentric 80/125 flue run but can also be utilised in a common flue arrangement.

The N1600 weighs in at 29kg and the N1300 at 28kg. The appliances can be wall mounted but if wall space is not available, they can also be installed on a cascade frame. The result of this kind of flexibility when it comes to installation means these water heaters can be used for any type of application however big or small. Some examples of applications of these would be but not limited to Bars, Restaurants, Gyms, Healthcare, Hotels, Process, Brewing, Food Production and Farming.

Rinnai Water Heaters react to demand and modulate accordingly, because of this they can produce savings both on a monetary and emission level. With Rinnai hot water solutions there is no storage within the water heaters themselves therefore there is no heat loss.


All Rinnai water heaters are designed to the standard EN26 which means a lot of safety features are built into the appliance. An example of these measure would be the water temperature safety shut off and exhaust temperature sensor. The water temperature safety shut off will shut down the water heater if the water temperature leaving the appliance increased to 3 degrees of what it was set too. The exhaust temperature sensor would also shut of the appliance if the exhaust gases were too hot. This is especially important given the fact that most condensing flues are made from plastic and if the exhaust temperature rose too high the flue could melt.