Remote monitoring and I.O.T – Internet of things, smart grids, remote monitoring, trend, controls, hydrogen ready.  


Rinnai have developed a range of optional remote monitoring and BMS enabled controls to support our market leading continuous flow water heaters. These advanced monitoring solutions enable users to benefit from the cutting-edge functionality inherent within our proprietary water heating technology.  

The range of connectivity solutions will ensure that users will have full control over their hot water provision. This range of remote monitoring technology allows for continuous communication with the advanced PCB harnessed within the array of high efficiency Rinnai continuous flow water heaters. This functionality means that communications points within the commercial water heaters can be transposed over IP, onsite BMS system like Trend or via a localised intuitive screen.  

A unique software switch within the system means that Rinnai technologies can be used with both Modbus and BACnet communication protocols. The gateway and remote monitoring modules are self-contained and can be mounted near the water heaters. The kits come complete with all required connections for ease of integration.