H2.pngRinnai H2 – Decarbonisation simplified, renewable gas ready, Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Hybrids.

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Rinnai H2 is a practical and economic route to lower onsite Carbon, Rinnai Hybrid water heating system and solutions consist of market-leading Low-GWP Heat Pump technology that can be easily retrofitted to existing gaseous fuel-based systems to create a renewable energy baseload. This Hybrid heat pump system optimises renewable heat gains as the gaseous systems will only boost water temperatures relevant to the required outlet temperature setpoint. This enables Rinnai heat pumps and continuous-flow water heaters to work harmoniously in a Hybrid hot water system. Delivering lower carbon hot water systems without comprising performance.i-32V5H_Midi for h2 page.png

The LOW-GWP heat pump will create the baseload heat, and the Hydrid hot water system is completed with bespoke optimised heat transfer coils and cylinders that create an enviable SPF (seasonal performance factors) 

The LOW-GWP heat pumps and turnkey cylinders then act as a prefeed to the continuous flow water heaters which modulate between 4.4kW and 58kW harnessing renewable gains. Alternatively, all-electric systems can benefit from our modulating smart electric cylinder range - ensuring that the only direct electricity used is to fill the performance gap from the renewable heat source.

The Rinnai Solar Thermal array is a market-leading, joint initiative with innovators Naked energy. Naked Energy’s solar thermal technology is the perfect fit for our hybrid hot water systems, as market-leading renewable gains can be achieved from the VirtuHot collectors and the smart Rinnai tech will only apply the precise energy required to boost temperatures, which can streamline the decarbonisation of buildings across the UK.

To support the ongoing energy transition Rinnai can supply Hydrogen and Renewable gas ready systems, retrofittable Hybrid Solar and Heat Pump Hybrids water heating solutions along with standalone LOW-GWP Heat pump technology. Free CPD courses and consultations covering THESE Hybrid hot water options are available today at Ask us a question :: Rinnai UK (rinnai-uk.co.uk) or Training :: Rinnai UK (rinnai-uk.co.uk

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