Rinnai Infinity water heaters offer a viable solution for showering, bathing and washing in all types of domestic dwelling and also satisfy hot water demand in office buildings, large and small commercial premises, hotels, hospitals and care homes, leisure centres, caravan sites – and even horse washing! Even when used as a booster to renewables such as air source heat pumps or solar thermal these technically advanced units will be cost efficient, environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.

For example, Rinnai units are favoured by the 20-bed Brig of Orchy Hotel, which sits in a prominent roadside location close to the West Highland Way. Near Glencoe, the area is a walkers’ paradise and has the best climbing, walking and skiing in Scotland, so the hotel has high occupancy rates all year around. Two Rinnai HDC 1200i water heaters meet and exceed the huge demand for hot water at peak times.

De Vere Hotels has also installed Rinnai technology at the prestigious de Vere Village Hotel in Warrington. Six Infinity HD55i units are capable of producing hot water at 780 litres per hour at a 50°C rise. The HD55i is a fully modulating 52kW unit that can also be installed in a manifold arrangement ensuring the system will meet any hot water demand even at peak times.

At Sunbourne Glan yMor Leisure Park in West Wales, owner Will Jones says: “During the peak season our shower block can be providing 80 showers a day falling to as little as 10 off season. Before we rebuilt, we had an old system tank which went cold when demand was high. Now we have the two HDC 1500i Rinnai water heaters manifolded together so there is no problem of hot water running out at peak times and importantly no more complaints. And we don’t have to heat up a tank of water.”

"The great thing about the Rinnai system is that it doesn’t use fuel until the outlet is turned on for each individual shower – it only heats the water that is being used at the time"

Will Jones, Owner

Rinnai HDC1500i turns in 100.5% net efficiency* guaranting considerable ongoing energy savings when compared with traditional storage systems. The appliances are also suited to LPG with the energy savings and high performance still guaranteed.

Controls are also a major step forward in achieving best efficiencies whether local or integrated into a building maintenance system. Rinnai has developed its own BMS Gateway interface for its award winning Infinity condensing range offering the prospect of higher energy efficiencies for commercial buildings, not only will building owners be able to slash both running costs and reduce carbon, they will easily meet – and surpass – the demands of CSR requirements and current and future legislation.

Rinnai is also proving to be a thoroughbred in equine care in the form of the newly developed Ascot Hydra Horse Washer. A ‘light bulb moment’ struck Colin Davies, managing director of Ascot Hygiene, when he looked at a small electric dog wash unit he had designed for sprucing up man’s best friend (and the walker’s wellies) after a muddy run. “Why not make a bigger one for horses?” he mused. It didn’t take him long to identify the Rinnai Infinity 17e LPG unit as the central component of what was to become his innovative Ascot Hydra Horse Washer solution.

With a Rinnai Infinity heater here are no sudden changes in water temperature thanks to the digital temperature controller so, if somebody is showering at 42°C and a tap is turned on elsewhere, the temperature will not vary. As a failsafe, the unit will automatically cut the heater should the temperature rise by 3°C above the chosen set point. In effect, Rinnai can guarantee a never-ending stream of safe temperature controlled hot water any time of the day or night.