Heathrow Airport in London is among the busiest in the world, accommodating more than twenty million travellers annually. In addition, the hotel density in the vicinity of Heathrow is among the greatest worldwide. Hotels range in star grade from five stars to three stars, depending on your preferences. Situated on ten acres of verdant meadows and woods, one of the upscale five-star hotels is conveniently close to the Heathrow terminals, just a 20-minute chauffeur-driven car ride away.

The hotel recently installed Rinnai Hydrogen blend ready 20% continuous flow water heaters in its seventy bedrooms, leisure & spa area, and Michelin-starred kitchens to upgrade its heating and hot water system.

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The location has a fine dining restaurant, a lounge and polo bar, as well as an outside patio where guests can have afternoon tea. In addition, there is a croquet grass, two outdoor tennis courts, and a fitness area.

The Rinnai in-house design team investigated replacing two old atmospheric water heaters that were connected to a flue dilution system in a feasibility study. The analysis concluded that the current outputs and units, each holding 287 litres, were adequate to meet the demands of the kitchens, housekeeping, and other departments.

According to the feasibility assessment, the hotel could lower its carbon footprint associated with hot water generation if they replaced their current storage-based system with a turnkey setup that included two Rinnai N Series Hydrogen blend ready 20% continuous flow water heaters and a 500 L hot water store.

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The solution was deemed a viable option for the following benefits:

- Reduced onsite carbon

- Reduced capital expenditure costs

- Reduced operational expenditure costs

- ACOP/L8 Compliance

- Hydrogen-blends ready

- 26:1 turndown ratio 4.4kW to 112kW

- Fifty percent redundancy should a unit fail.

- No single point of failure

- Cylinder would weigh approx. 90kg.

- 12-year warranty

A more compact and improved combustion architecture makes the Rinnai Sensei N Series hydrogen blends ready 20% continuous flow hot water heater range easier to install, perform better, and be more easily serviced.

The Rinnai Series is the first continuous flow hot water heating unit with stainless steel heat exchangers to be sold in the UK; as a result, all four of the models in the range have an extended operating life at peak efficiency. The market-leading extended warranties that come with the hydrogen Blend-ready 20% and Bio-LPG ready instantaneous water heaters are an additional feature.

The four models are:

  • the N1600i giving 954 litres per hour (at 50 degrees)
  • the N1600e (external) also giving 954 litres per hour (at 50 degrees).
  • the N1300i giving 775 litres per hour and
  • the N1300e also giving 775 litres per hours of temperature controlled hot water at 50 degrees. The two 1600s have load profiles of XXL and are water efficiency class A rated, while the 1300s are load profile XL and are also water efficiency class A rated.

The future-proofed continuous flow water heater features Rinnai's unique advanced burner technology, which has a 13-1 turn down ratio - the largest on the market combined with a 96% efficiency rating. All the range is also low-NOx (less than 26ppm, meaning they receive additional points under BREEAM). The water heater's improved burner control and high modulation ranges are made possible by integral controls on the units.

Due to the water heater's wide range of modulation, energy consumption is fully optimised because it only heats water to the necessary temperature thanks to intelligent built-in controls.
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