The utilisation of ultra-high efficiency hydrogen ready Sensei water heaters with Hybrid heat pump technology ensures that fossil fuel is only used when the renewables charged thermal energy store is below the required temperature set-point for the application, thus reducing the dependency on fossil fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.  

Rinnai hydrogen ready continuous flow water heaters can modulate from 58kW to 4.4kW therefore optimising gas usage in relation to energy needed. Rinnai can provide renewables ready systems inclusive of cylinder with renewable heat transfer coil, valves, expansion systems and the required array of Rinnai water heaters to intelligently boost the hot water. These turnkey packages are supplied ready for the incorporation of own branded or multi brand heat pump technology.  

The hybrid hot water packages are suitable for installation with ground source and air source heat pumps technology.  

Benefits of Rinnai Hybrid Heat pump ready solutions.

  • The system harnesses the renewable gains from the heat pump technology without compromising on system temperature.
  • Reduces your fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Save money on fuel that you would have otherwise needed to purchase.
  • Enhance the life of your HE water heater by reducing the amount of switch-on / offs
  • Low maintenance technology
  • Integrates with existing heating or other renewable sources.
  • The meld of renewables with intelligent Rinnai water heaters truly maximises renewable gains.