At the next Installer SHOW, Rinnai will have a stall full of brand-new goods and services. Along with refreshments and some entertaining activities like darts, golf putting tournaments, and table football. The stand will be full of exciting activities, opportunities to win and knowledgeable staff.

Rinnai will be displaying the following product categories from their H3 initiative,

  • H1- Natural Gas, Hydrogen and BioLPG-ready continuous flow water heaters & Boilers.
  • H2 – Hybrid systems featuring a mix of appliances and renewables such as solar and LOW-GWP heat pumps.
  • H3 – heat pumps, NEW electric instant water heaters and electric cylinders.

In addition Rinnai offer free of charge training for all their product portfolio, from hands-on product training to a wide range of CPD courses to review all the Rinnai training possibilities visit

The wide spectrum of technology encompasses all common types of energy, including as

  • LOW-GWP heat pumps (4kw – 110kw)
  • Hydrogen Blends 20% ready continuous flow water heaters and BioLPG ready commercial condensing water heaters
  • Naked Energy market leading solar thermal systems.
  • Electric hot water cylinders
  • An exclusive first look at the new Rinnai instant electric water heater range.

All of the approaches concentrate on developing decarbonisation pathways that, given real-world constraints, are technically, practically, and economically realistic.

In-house design support, carbon and cost modelling, and other services are provided for the H3 family.

"We believe in a realistic, economic, and technically possible approach to finding a cost-effective and permanent solution to each and every site – on and off grid,” stated Chris Goggin, director of operations. We will have a large assortment of support materials in addition to the product line on display.

A 12-year warranty on all i2HY20 tested and certified hot water heating units is a recent addition to the Rinnai lineup. Rinnai's H1/H2/H3 provides several ways to reduce costs associated with decarbonisation across several energy vectors. Rinnai is offering more options to customers for hot water supply and for heating residential and commercial buildings using a variety of renewable energy systems to promote a healthier way of life.

When compared to traditional solar technology, Rinnai's solar thermal water heating systems save up to 3.5 times more carbon per square metre, making them a market-leading alternative. When paired with the Rinnai Hydrogen and BioLPG ready condensing water heater system, this will reduce carbon emissions and expenses. Rinnai water heaters are designed to modulate between 58kw and 4.4kW based on solar input, meaning that gas is only used to increase temperature when necessary. This allows for the utilisation of renewable resources without sacrificing performance.

When compared to gas fired storage systems, Rinnai intelligent condensing continuous flow water heaters can save over 30% on operational running costs, which helps lower fuel costs and limit exposure to ever-increasing energy and climate change laws. The entire spectrum of solar thermal products is well matched to hot water heating systems and units that are compatible with 20% hydrogen blends and combustion technologies ready for renewable liquid fuels like bioLPG and rDME.

Commercial and residential heat pumps with a range of features are part of Rinnai's H3 line of decarbonising devices; the HPIH line of commercial heat pumps is ideal for small retail stores, restaurants and schools. The HPIH Monobloc Air Source Heat Pumps (21, 26, 28, & 32kW) from Rinnai have the capacity to run as a single unit or in cascades of up to seven units. When combined, they can meet the growing need for hot water and heating.

The 48kw to 70kw HPHP series of low-GWP heat pumps from Rinnai are available. Modern injection technology works better than gas compression technology and guarantees that hot water and heating may be provided in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius outside.

Rinnai’s H3 range is supported by free training courses, CPDs, FREE design services and extensive warranty options.

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