Rinnai’s website is specifically designed to encourage easy access to information on the wide variety of decarbonising products, product training, CPDs and a range of FREE customer services.

The Rinnai website, found at  www.rinnai-uk.co.uk, offers customers an interactive and informative platform in which to view Rinnai’s low carbon domestic and commercial range of technologies that are proven to reduce cost and carbon emissions.

If additional information on clean energy technology and appliances is required a FREE brochure can be requested. Customers can also request a call back at any time of their convenience, gain access to a Site Consultation Form and a Carbon Cost Comparison form. All customer services are FREE and found on the “Contact Us” webpage.   

Rinnai's website aims to provide specialist customer services designed to ensure detailed summaries on available products and information that assists product selection.

Customers can access and complete “A Site Consultation Form” that provides Rinnai with on-site data of current heating and hot water system capabilities, that results in a rapid low carbon replacement suggestion by a professional team member.

Rinnai also include a carbon and cost comparison service that offers a free appraisal of any site’s current heating & hot water delivery system, along with empirically gathered data driven recommendations for reducing carbon load and all related costs.

A “Help Me Choose” service option means a customer can be contacted either via a home number, a mobile or email at a time convenient for yourself. A Rinnai professional will then advise you on purchasing options that complement the unique layout of your property.

Also located on Rinnai’s website is access to product training and approved CPDs that provide additional information to customers, installers, system designers and specifiers on a range of decarbonising domestic and commercial H3 hydrogen, solar hybrid and heat pump technologies.

Rinnai is continuing to advance our website and customer services to ensure detailed information is easily accessible to UK customers requiring low carbon products.