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Energy related Products directive

Energy related Products directive

When does it come into force?

In september 2015, direct fired water heaters, storage water heaters and boilers will be labelled in the same way as domestic white goods like fridges and freezers, so you can easily see how energy efficient they are.

What is ErP?

The Energy related Products Directive, ErP Directive, is a mandatory piece of legislation, proposed by the European Union, which aims to bring in minimum standards for heating and hot water systems.

The Energy related products directive (ErP) has been introduced to help countries in the EU reduce the energy they use by 20% and increase the use of energy generated by renewables by 20% before the year 2020.

What makes up ErP?

ErP is made up of two directives, Ecodesign and Eco-labelling.


Eco-design ensures that manufacturers like Rinnai are meeting minimum energy performance and environmental standards. High efficiency water heaters will be Band A, whereas older, non condensing water heaters could be as low as Band G.

Energy Labelling

Energy labels will be included on every energy related product, including water heaters. The label will show;

  • Efficiency Band A-G
  • Load Profile XXL - S
  • kWh per annum
  • GJ per annum
  • Sound Power performance

Please note that product fiche data should be made readily available by all manufacturers to demonstrate additional parameters such as NOx rating. Download our innovation guide below for more details on how we are helping you with ErP.

Guide to ErP