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Building Regulation Parts G and L

Building Regulation Parts G and L

Rules and practical guidance for everyone involved in the water heating industry.

What are Building Regulation Parts G and L?

These Approved Documents took effect of October 2010 and are designed to give a practical guidance on how to comply with the various requirements of the 2000 Building Requirements for England and Wales.

What are these building regulations concerned with?

Within Part G it covers sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency. This is then broken into six parts: G1 Cold water supply, G2 Hot water efficiency, G3 Hot water supply systems, G4 Sanitary conveniences and washing facilities, G5 Bathrooms and G6 Kitchens and food preparation areas.

PART L deals with the conservation of fuel and power and is split into four parts: L1A,1B, 2A, 2B. 1A & B deal with either new or existing dwellings and 2A and B deal with non dwellings either new or existing.

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