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Does a solar hot water system only work in summer?

Summer will provide the largest amount of solar gain but a useful contribution will still provided other seasons.

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Does solar heating only work when the sun is shining?

Solar heating technology works on solar radiation, not just sunshine therefore solar heating can be effective on overcast days.

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How does solar energy provide water heating?

Solar radiation is used to heat fluid in solar energy collectors (best on south facing surfaces). Typically fluid is pumped through a hot water storage cylinder, In that cylinder heat is exchanged between the collector fluid and your domestic hot water. Innovative systems incorporate high efficiency condensing water heaters to maximize solar gain refer to solar boosted.

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Does a solar hot water system replace a hot water system?

No the solar heating works alongside the heating system to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. The heat system is still needed to complete the system.

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Will the solar collectors freeze during winter?

No - Many solar panels are filled with a suitable heat absorbing liquid (glycol) this doesn't freeze in cold conditions.

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Are incentive schems available for Renewable technologies?

Yes - Please refer to legislations.

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