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Win Rinnai N Series unit worth £2,000 during NetZeroFESTIVAL

Win Rinnai N Series unit worth £2,000 during NetZeroFESTIVAL

July 8th, 2020

Rinnai, the UK’s leader in continuous flow hot water heating units and systems, is offering one lucky installer the chance to win one N Series unit plus ancillaries worth £2000 as the one of the top prizes during NetZeroFESTIVAL.

In addition, the first 50 entrants will receive a Rinnai goody bag including a pen, ruler and small backpack.

Keep an eye out during NetZeroFESTIVAL where Installer will launch the competition on Wednesday 15 July at 10am. All you’ll have to do is answer a question and send your response to Rinnai.

The new Rinnai Sensei N Series water heater range offers a new and more compact and enhanced combustion design that allows easier installation and enhanced operational performance together with increased levels of serviceability.

The Rinnai Sensei N Series is the first ever continuous flow hot water heating unit manufactured with stainless steel heat exchangers to be available in the UK – this gives a greatly extended working life at optimum performance to each of the four models in the range. Added to this is the Sensei N Series market leading extended warranties.

The four models

  • The N1600i giving 954 litres per hour
  • The N1600e (external) also giving 954 litres per hour (at 50 degrees)
  • The N1300i giving 775 litres per hour
  • The N1300e also giving 775 litres per hours of temperature controlled at 50 degrees.

The two 1600s have load profiles of XXL and are water efficiency class A rated, while the 1300s are load profile XL and are also water efficiency class A rated.

Other features include:

  • Flue up to 30+ metres for concentric
  • Turbo Fan
  • Built-in controller as standard on both internal and external models
  • Cascade Cable assembly allows up to 24 water heaters to be connected and function as one total and complete system Any number of N-series Rinnai water heaters can be manifolded together enabling the largest capacities on the market.
  • Built in flue damper
  • Air inlet filter
  • Frost Protection – minus 15°C on the internal versions and minus 20 °C on the external versions
  • Controller as standard – Lockable, set up of appliance, Temperature set up to 75°C
  • Maintenance Monitor for engineers

Rinnai manufactures over two million hot water heating units each year and so can offer advantageous cost savings for installers and end users.

All in the range are also low-NOx and the Sensei N Series utilises Rinnai’s patented advanced burner technology with a 13-1 turn down ratio – the largest on the market – with extremely quiet operation. Integral controls on the units enable the water heater to achieve high efficiencies because of advanced burner control and high modulation ranges.

The industry uptake of Rinnai’s continuous flow heater systems is proven to be more energy efficient than conventional storage systems and are increasingly the experts’ preferred method of hot water provision. Rinnai units easily cater for any size projects that need high volumes of water at intermittent times of day.

Installation tips for the new Rinnai  Sensei Series

  1. With the new N Series there is a design change to the PCB. There are no more dipswitches to worry about or setting burner pressures all the settings are done using the controller. Make sure that when commissioning the appliance, you log all the settings in the correct pages of the manual. When the appliance is due for service or maintenance is required these can be checked to ensure nothing has been tampered with.
  2. Service level setting. The N Series can be set so a service remind flashes up at intervals chosen by the installer. These can be 6, 12, or 24-month periods. Some gas appliances are still installed and forgotten about but with commercial appliances it is important a service is carried out on a regular basis and this can be a good reminder for the user. We do recommend the service is carried at least every 12 months however if the appliance is used harder and longer then more frequent servicing should take place – like what the motor industry use with service indications used for mileage or years.
  3. Fixed Temperature setting. The Sensei allows temperatures to be adjusted on the controller or the installer can choose a fixed temperature. This fixed temperature is beneficial in commercial applications utilising storage and/or return systems. By fixing the temperature it can prevent idle hands from altering the temperature and potentially setting it to a level that can cause Legionella problems.
  4. New Condensate Pump Safety Switch. The Sensei can be linked to a condense pump which if fails will shut the water heater down safely. It must be noted that the switch is not there to provide power to the pump but merely as a safety cut off for the appliance.
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