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Save up to 25% on your water heating bill and never run out of hot water again

Save up to 25% on your water heating bill and never run out of hot water again

July 1st, 2020

Stop wasting energy and money! with Rinnai Infinity intelligent hot water systems

Rinnai continuous flow water heaters only heat the water when there is a demand meaning your site is only using energy when needed - saving you money. Traditional storage water heating systems will keep heating the water when it’s not in use meaning energy and money is wasted.

Rinnai are well aware of the water heating issues faced by today’s park operators, especially when it comes to supplying a constant and reliable hot water service to your customers. Rinnai’s energy saving water heating solutions have been installed into thousands of Holiday Parks across the UK and Europe .

Traditional water heating systems have high storage temperatures and pose a real risk of scalding should a drop in pressure occur, caused by something as simple as someone turning on another tap. Introducing TMVs would help to prevent this, but we would argue that there is a better alternative. Continuous flow water heating technology offered by Rinnai, can overcome the problems traditional systems may have in providing a safe hot water supply. TMVs mix cold water with the hot supplied
direct from the storage tank at temperatures upwards of 60 degree c to prevent legionella.

Installing a Rinnai continuous flow water heater and eliminating
the risk of scalding is a must for any holiday park owner, as the
safety of all family members young and old can be assured.

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