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Rinnai’s HDC1600i Double finalist at prestigious Industry Awards, as Product of The Year & Sustainable Product of The Year

September 15th, 2015

Rinnai’s HDC1600i/e Low NOx, gas-fired continuous flow water heater has been named as a finalist in two categories of the forthcoming H & V Review magazine product awards for 2015. The Rinnai HDC1600i is a finalist as the Industrial & Commercial Heating Product of the Year and the Sustainable Product of the Year.

Rinnai revolutionised the delivery of hot water since introducing the first fully electronically-controlled gas continuous flow hot water system to the UK in 2003.

“The Infinity series always delivers a continual flow of hot water for our customers’ needs and has been hugely successful. The Infinity series launched a new line-up, HDC1600i/e Low NOx, in 2014, in addition to the existing product range, which is capable of providing an impressive 1,600 litres per hour at 30 degrees Celsius temperature rise. The HDC range can boast efficiencies of up to 108% and it is most efficient water heater available in UK,” says Rinnai’s Chris Goggin, Associate Director.

The HDC1600i/e Low NOx is an on-demand style water heater and has NO storage cylinder. The annual efficiency is approaching the instantaneous efficiency level, up to 108%(based on net calorific value), as it is always heating cold water, and there are no re-heat periods required to make up for standing losses at far below optimum efficiency as is common with all hot water storage systems.

Therefore the annual efficiency of HDC1600i/e Low NOx is higher than any type of storage water heater, such as gas direct fired storage water heater or indirect cylinder system connected to the heating boiler. HDC1600i/e Low NOx can boost the modulation over 14:1, 56.6kW to 4.0kW, on both Natural gas and LPG gas and operate at a flow rate of as low as 1.5l/min. Thanks to this high modulation range, HDC1600i/e Low NOx can keep the high efficiency rate of any hot water generation regardless of heat load.

HDC1600i/e Low NOx can boost thermal efficiency up to 108%(based on net calorific value) and can keep more than 96% even in the minimal heat LPG.

A major feature is derived from the innovative down firing pre-mix burner that guarantees ultra-low NOx emissions. The totally aerated combustion system by premix burner achieves Ultra-low emission level, 30mg/kWh (tested with Natural gas based on gross calorific value under the condition of O2 0%), which will comply and surpass NOx requirement in Eco-design directive which become effective in 2018.

HDC1600 i/e Low NOx can be used in manifolded banks of water heaters with Rinnai genuine Manifold Electronic Control System. The maximum number in a bank is 25 units manifolded will supply 24,375 litre/hour of hot water raised 50 degrees Celsius which can copes with any size of hot water demands from light commercial to large commercial use, such as hotel, sports gym, et cetera. Also HDC1600 i/e Low NOx has no temperature sensitive internal parts meaning that hot water can be returned to it.

This enables the unit to be coupled to any type of renewable energy source, ensuring that the only time fossil fuels are used is when the renewable energy source cannot make temperature. By combining them with a renewable heat source, the system will be one of the most energy efficient water heating system on the market today. This feature also allows the product to be connected secondary return, especially useful for commercial buildings.

HDC1600 i/e Low NOx is extremely lightweight and easy to handle at just 28 kg. HDC1600 i/e Low NOx come in an “Internal or External” format. The external unit is IPx4 which is fully weather proof enables the end user to have them outside of the property thus freeing up internal space. The internal unit is compatible to cascade flue systems.

Contractors and engineers will also be impressed with the extra functions to aid fault diagnosis. HDC1600 i/e Low NOx offers more than 25 error codes shown on LED display built-in front casing to help speedy diagnosis on site when a fault occurs. HDC1600 i/e Low NOx also has Lime Scale warning functionality. It beeps and ceases operation when lime scale is detected. The owner must press “on/off” button 5 times to resume operation and contact a professional for cleaning. This function lessens possibility of serious, long-term damage to the product.

By developing this holistic condensing technology initiative, Rinnai has come up with a simple, viable, cost effective, and energy efficient solution to consumer needs that will provide the most energy efficient and Low NOx water heating technology on the market today which can be combined to renewable sources to increase efficiency and further prevent damage to the environment. The company’s dedication to research and development can clearly be seen in the development of this system and deserves to be recognised.

HDC1600 i/e Low NOx is predicted to have a major impact on the UK’s use of condensing technology / renewable technology – a key concern in reducing the country’s greenhouse emissions. And in preparation for Eco design directive will come in force, Rinnai has taken an initiative to achieve the further beyond this requirement in terms of environmental friendliness. We believe, HDC1600 i/e Low NOx will be the leading model of our industry for the future.

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