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Rinnai - One flue to technological ingenuity

April 23rd, 2015

Rinnai UK has announced the launch of a common flue system to support their pioneering commercial water heating Solutions. The flues will streamline installations of its Award Winning Condensing continuous flow gas hot water heaters and make the process significantly more cost effective.

Rinnai has designed and developed a common header flue system that eliminates the need for individual flue termination on modular banks of water heaters and commercial buffer systems.

Rinnai Technical Support Manager Ian Jenkins explains: "Until now, if you were manifolding a bank of five units that meant making five holes in the roof or wall to flue them individually. The new innovative B and C type approved common header flue system can creator for up to a maximum of ten appliances, creating a more holistic plant room design specification".

The advent of the common flue will make installing banks of product such as Rinnai's HDC1500i simple and quick. The Rinnai HD1500i is a fully modulating 56kW unit that is frequently installed in a manifold arrangement ensuring the system will meet any hot water demand even at peak times.

Typical modular systems are often specified in large commercial applications include factories, process applications, hotels, sports arenas, shower blocks in leisure centres and caravan parks - and many more.

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