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Rinnai Commercial Hot Water Heating Systems Now Preferred  Specification For Uk’s Major Supermarkets

Rinnai Commercial Hot Water Heating Systems Now Preferred Specification For Uk’s Major Supermarkets

August 23rd, 2019

Rinnai’s commercial products and ancillary additions have become the fastest growing specification of hot water heating systems for the UK’s major supermarket chains in their food handling, staff catering and washroom areas.

The hot water heating system favoured by the supermarkets – some of which are global leaders - features 2 x HDC1200i water heaters mounted on a cascade frame, controlled with a Manifold Electronic Control (MECS) system. The Rinnai MECS system  maximises the working life of the units. On the supermarket sites all the systems have vertical flues, however it is site specific.

Rinnai have completed almost 30 stores throughout the UK, with a roll out programme of replacement in many more up and down the country.

Each site has two x HDC 1200i Rinnai units cascaded and fitted with (MECS) Manifold Electronic Controls.  This intelligent energy optimising system brings additional water heaters into operation only when required, meaning energy is only used when needed. An extremely important point for supermarkets as they are subject to above average Government and consumer questioning of adherence to embracing climate change measures throughout their sites.

The MECS system also ensures system longevity as it guarantees that each water heater in the bank is used for the same period over its life cycle safeguarding against unnecessary wear and even usage.

The system can also be designed and supplied with a common header flue which provides a compact, neat install, as well as minimising plant room terminations and offering a quicker, easier installation if the plantroom dictates.

The Rinnai HDC 1200i continuous flow hot water unit has the capacity to deliver in excess of 1500 litres of temperature accurate hot water per hour, with an overall gross efficiency of more than 95%.  These levels of performance, with unbeatable efficiency levels, mean the Rinnai 1200i is more than capable of meeting and exceeding the hot water demands of all applications.   

This precision engineered unit can also be combined as multiple units - as with supermarkets, hotels, schools, hospitals or food manufacturing sites - or into one single, easy to handle module incorporating cascade frames and common flue.

Both the HDC 1200 internal and external models turn in a market leading energy performance of 107% net efficiency and offer superlative ranges of modulation. The systems internal analytical system can modulate the burner from 54kw to 2.4kw. The Rinnai HDC 1200i is engineered for minimal energy wastage and maximum energy performance. It is worth remembering that Part L of the Building Regulations 2013 has set minimum thermal efficiency levels of 90% for natural and 92% for LPG, consequently outlawing non-condensing gas fired water heaters for use in new build projects.

Rinnai is the only manufacturer that can supply a complete range of internal and external ultra-high efficiency condensing continuous flow water heaters, aligned not only to comply but surpass changes on the regulatory horizon.

For the end user this guarantees considerable cost savings over other forms of hot water generation. The relatively compact footprint of all Rinnai units and systems means it can optimise plant room space and safeguard accessibility for maintenance and servicing.

There is huge potential for on-demand style water heaters such as the Rinnai HDC 1200i units to play their part in new build and in refurbishment projects alike, where in the latter there are still many old systems that need replacing. By replacing this older technology with new condensing appliances will help support the UK drive towards greener industry.  

The Rinnai Infinity HDC 1200i water heater uses heat exchanger technology to allow the largest capacity flow rates, thereby guaranteeing all the hot water needed, when it is needed. As well as increasing capacity, the Rinnai Infinity water heater has lower greenhouse emissions because of the new reduced NOx burner technology and as there is no storage, this scores well with BREEAM.

With a continuous flow water heating unit, it will deliver limitless amounts of useable hot water, whatever the site - school, hospital, hotel, office blocks, leisure club etc with no fluctuations in water delivery temperature. The only time the site uses energy to heat water is when there is a demand, in other words, it is only burning gas when a tap or shower is being run.

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