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Rinnai Commercial Hot Water Heating Systems Now an “essential” Specification for Major Supermarket Chains

Rinnai Commercial Hot Water Heating Systems Now an “essential” Specification for Major Supermarket Chains

April 7th, 2020

Rinnai’s commercial products and ancillary additions have come to the rescue for multiple supermarket
outlets. Several high street chains have turned to Rinnai due to the company’s speedy delivery, quick
installation and readily available stock.

The hot water heating system utilized during these
essential works features 2 x HDC1200i water heaters
mounted on a cascade frame, controlled with a Manifold
Electronic Control (MECS) system. The Rinnai MECS system
maximizes the working life of the units by alternating the
lead unit. The selection of two water heaters also ensures
built in redundancy on site meaning that hot water will
always be available.
This was an important factor as the previous storage
systems failed leaving the sites without hot water for
cleaning and onsite washing facilities. Rinnai have
completed multiple replacements in recent weeks and the
company’s ability to deliver within 24hours has ensured
minimal disruption at this critical time.
Each of the sites has multiple HDC 1200i Rinnai continuous
flow water heaters cascaded, on prefabricated rigs
designed to fit through standard door frames and
therefore minimising remedial works. Unvented system
kits including valves are included in the specifications to
support G3 compliance, along with flexible flue runs to
support product installation.

The system can also be designed and supplied with a common header flue which provides a compact, neat
install, as well as minimising plant room terminations and offering an additional flexibility if the plantroom
The continuous flow hot system has the capacity to deliver in excess of 1200 litres of temperature accurate
hot water per hour at commercial temperatures, with an overall net efficiency of 97%. These levels of
performance, with unbeatable efficiency, mean the Rinnai 1200i is more than capable of meeting and
exceeding the hot water demands within supermarkets whilst also delivering legislative compliance and
unparalleled reliability.

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