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June 5th, 2020

Rinnai is offering schools and education a ready solution to meet the daily high and low of demand for limitless, cost efficient hot water.  Simply use the smart control buttons below for instant assistance on choosing the right products to deliver fuel, energy and environmentally efficient hot water, reliably and constantly. All schools need to supply hot water to the varying daily demands of kitchens, bathrooms, shower blocks, washrooms and even accommodation apartments.

Says Rinnai’s Chris Goggin, “Every site is unique in its own way and  choosing the right product can be a little daunting so please use the ‘Help Me Choose’ facility  - then  we can provide the solution, simply, quickly and without any fuss.”

He adds, “Whatever size the site we have systems that give limitless supplies of temperature-controlled hot water with low emission technology and high efficiencies, as well as a host of other great features, as well as costing significantly less than any other mode of hot water supply.”

For one site a senior staffer commented, “We had an old stored water heating cylinder system, it become completely impractical, inefficient and needlessly expensive to run.

“Clearly we needed to change to one that could cater for demand fluctuations  - for example, showers running after PE, while the kitchens were also working - without running up huge energy bills. The solution wasn’t hard to find with Rinnai continuous flow hot water delivery.

“We presented the project to Rinnai’s Technical team who came up with the design, configured the sizes of unit required and delivered the system complete and to a very tight timescale – this was key as the existing water heater had developed a leak and I was extremely mindful that the site had to remain operational. 

“The Rinnai system has resulted in an energy reduction and gas saving due to higher efficiencies and because we are no longer maintaining large amounts of stored hot water. It’s not rocket science to work that out!"

“In terms of gas usage running costs compared to the old wasteful storage system, our bills have virtually been halved since the Rinnai system went live five months ago, which is absolutely tremendous.”

Legionella presence is answered by Rinnai: the company has developed additional ‘SMART’ controls for secondary return DHW systems in the form of an advanced temperature control system which allows for safe running of water at 42°C core temperature during the day and 60°C at a time when the building is closed. By the time the building reopens, core temperature is 42°C for safe use.

Rinnai’s HDC range offers condensing technology with up to 107% gross efficiency, ultra-low-NOx of less than 20 ppm, a widely expansive modulation range of 54kW-4kW and high flow rates of useable hot water of 37/ltr/min.

Add to these benefits are the peace of mind of an extended warranty, a top A-rating exceeding the demands of  eco-labelling legislation, the flexibility of external wall mounting and delivery to site with all relevant accessories and the knowledge that the HDC range is future-proofed against future regulatory and legislative changes.           

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