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August 14th, 2017

Rinnai, the continuous flow gas water heater manufacturer, and innovator at the forefront of hot water technology, has developed a device that solves the problem of lime scale build up.

Rinnai’s integrated scale control system is an innovative solution to an age-old problem and comes in the form of an LC (lime check) code on the display of the controller.

The system helps to ensure the performance and efficiency of Rinnai continuous flow water heaters installed in hard water areas. Almost all water-fed appliances, including plate heat exchangers, boilers and water heaters will accumulate scale deposits when used within hard water areas over time.

Lime scale consists of calcium carbonate (calcite) with lesser amounts of other calcium salts such as the sulphate. Sometimes lime scale deposits contain corrosion debris and this scale build-up can affect the water heaters by reducing their efficiency and overall performance.

Ultimately, ongoing use with hard water may shorten the lifespan of water heating appliances. To safeguard against these dangers occurring in Rinnai units its system continually monitors the appliances for lime scale deposits around the heat exchanger. Once lime scale build up has being identified, a message is sent to the built-in interface panel on the front of the appliance.  The message is displayed as ‘LC’, which alerts the end user that it is time to call a Rinnai service agent to perform a lime scale flush to clear the potentially harmful deposits, thereby avoiding and eliminating the adverse effects associated with lime scale build up, including lower energy efficiencies.

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