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Tankless 17e (37kW) Domestic Gas Multi-point Water Heater LPG

£602.82 inc. VAT

Rinnai Multipoint Tankless 17e External Water Heater

The Rinnai 17e external multipoint water heater has the added advantage that the unit is externally mounted. This unit could replace main water heaters, Vokera water heaters or Chaffoteaux water heaters.

This feature gives greater flexibility at the design stage and can offer an alternative solution where flue runs are problematic or internal space is not available.

As with all Rinnai multipoint water heaters the 17e has fullfrost protection.

A range of external ancillary items including a pipe cover box and security cage are available where necessary. 

Capable of flow rates of up to 510 litres per hour at a 50°C rise, the 17e is suitable for multiple applications, such as cafés, small restaurants and kitchen facilities.

W17(A)-NAT : Natural Gas Water Heater
W17(A)-LPG : LPG Water Heater

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InstallationExternal wall mounted
Exhaust SystemForced exhaust
Temperature Range37°C - 65°C
Ignition MethodDirect electronic
Natural Gas Consumption4.53kw-36kw
Propane Consumption4.53kw-36kw
Hot Water Delivery Capacity17 ltr/min raise 25°C
Nominal Operating Pressure1- 8.3 Bar
Normal Electrical Consumption80W

Additional Information

Gas Usage3.43kh/h
Gas usage LPG2.58kg/hr