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Tankless 11i Low NOx (24kw) Domestic Gas Multi-point Water Heater LPG including Vertical flue

£545.70 inc. VAT

The infinity 11i multipoint water heater is a ideal replacement for Main water heaters, Vokera water heaters or Chaffoteaux water heaters. This unit is compact and lightweight, it has easy to use controls and delivers temperature accurate hot water.

It is designed to allow maximum flexibility when installing, its small footprint and extended flue runs enable many options. The Rinnai multipoint water heater range are designed to work directly off the mains and therefore there is no need for large, ungainly storage vessels. This applicance is an ideal replacement for Chaffoteaux water heaters, main water heaters and Vokera water heater






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InstallationInternal wall mounted
Exhaust SystemFF Room sealed
Temperature Range37°C - 65°C
Ignition MethodDirect electronic
Natural Gas Consumption4.53kw - 23.7kw
Propane Consumption4.53kw - 23.7kw
Hot Water Delivery Capacity11 ltr/min raise 25°C