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What warranties come with heaters?

Silver case - 5 Year parts, 1 labour
White case - 3 Year parts, 1 labour

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Why can't I find the analyser test point?

Most Rinnai units do not require a test point. Due to the burner technology utilised in the majority of the heaters there is no requirement to conduct combustion analysis. We recommend you check the gas pressures are correct as per MFI's.

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What appliance do I have?

You can find out what appliance you have by looking at the data badge on the left hand side of the appliance. This begins with 'REU'.

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How often should my appliance be serviced?

Rinnai UK recommend all appliances are serviced annually.

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Where is my nearest service agent for Rinnai appliances?

Provide contact details or website of agents.

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Why will the appliance only fire up when the tap is open (on a hot water recirculation system)?

Possible problem with the recir pump or a passing non-return/check valve. System investigation is required.

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Why is my water not as hot as normal?

This could be the result of a passing TMV on the system. System investigation is required.

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Why is the appliance making banging and clattering noises?

This could be a result of Lime scale build up or incorrect burner pressures set. Check gas pressures as per MFI's, remove heat exchanger thermistor and look for scale deposits. If scale present, flush heat exchanger for 24 hour period with a light acidic solution like white vinegar.

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