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Showering Facilities

Showering Facilities

April 2nd, 2020

Rinnai UK assists with essential showering facilities

Rinnai UK is experiencing an upturn in the supply of their temperature accurate, lightweight and easy
to install water heaters for specialist companies that manufacture mobile showering and washdown
facilities. The modular or mobile facilities serve as temporary ablutions where safety to workers and
the environment are essential.

These multi outlet units are purpose-built to allow workers in these hazardous environments to have a
proper shower and a change of clothing before taking meal breaks and leaving the site.

As emergency hot water facilities must be highly mobile and
reliable this means never running out of hot water for the
washing. This is where continuous flow technology comes to
the forefront. The systems are robust, reliable and will
deliver constant hot water for as long as it is needed.
Many mobile and modular facilities are now installing 
Rinnai’s continuous flow water heaters as in addition to
saving material costs, installation is also quick and simple,
the company says.

These mobile facilities providers have even gone on record to say that the performance of the washing
and showering facilities within their fleets have improved. As these compact, wall-mounted LPG water
heaters operate automatically and deliver an impressive flow rate at a safe temperature.
For instance, the Rinnai Heavy duty 55i will deliver more than 19 liters per minute at a typical showering
temperature, whilst measuring only 583mm by 356mm and weighing less than 22kg. Rinnai UK has
stock available and can deliver anywhere in the country next day.