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Jigsaw FM, Cheshire

Jigsaw FM, Cheshire

April 23rd, 2015

Jigsaw FM, Cheshire

Rinnai fits into the renewables jigsaw

According to Richard Percival, Director of Jigsaw FM, anyone who uses hot water should be looking at solar thermal water heating with a Rinnai continuous flow condensing gas water heater as a booster.

Jigsaw FM, based in Cheshire, specialises in designing and installing energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for the commercial sector. The company prides itself on offering a unique combination of service expertise from design, installation and maintenance of renewable energy solutions, to finding the correct systems for clients helping them to make better use of energy and reduce environmental impact.

The company has been involved in many solar thermal projects since its inception five years ago. However, its relationship with Rinnai is comparatively recent. "We first came across Rinnai just six months ago after we were introduced to Rinnai's condensing range. It quickly became clear that these units are the ideal energy efficient temperature booster for a solar thermal installation.

"I am so impressed with Rinnai's condensing water heaters that I have put the system into our own brand new premises and we are using it to showcase what a solar thermal hot water system can do. At the same time we are monitoring the system - flow, temperature, water consumption - so we an give potential customers a breakdown of the sort of savings they can expect."

The best performing installation Jigsaw FM has undertaken so far was at a site in Chester where the new solar hot water system has reduced gas consumption by 70%. Percival goes on to explain that the existing 30-year-old boiler was totally inefficient and was literally burning money. "The solar thermal/Rinnai system went in with minimum fuss and the customer is still using the same amount of hot water but now at one third of the previous cost."

According to Percival: "Renewables are the way forward and over the next six months or so we have plenty more projects earmarked for the Rinnai treatment. Of course, it would work equally well as a booster for a heat pump system but it is all about payback and you are going to get that quicker with a solar thermal system."

Percival is also impressed by how simple the Rinnai units are to handle. "Their size is tiny but they are extremely robust and they couldn't be easier to install. Even the controls are simplicity itself. Even if you are going to use them solely as a water heater or feed a secondary return to maintain temperature with a boiler, they react immediately saving both money and energy."

Summing up, Percival says: "A few decades on, the novelty of climbing around in confined spaces has ceased to be such an attractive proposition but the desire to be ahead of the game when it comes to the technology is still there."

"I base my business around niche products and markets and I am very busy in that niche. I was surprised by how busy we ended up, I really thought it would be difficult but we just worked harder and the results speak for themselves.

"The tough financial climate has helped us all to focus our minds on what matters and not to be complacent. The businesses that don't think like that are the ones that have already suffered unfortunately. We must focus harder, pay more attention to detail and that will stand us in good stead for the future. The challenging times have made me learn a lot that

I am so impressed with Rinnai's condensing water heaters that I have put the system into our own brand new premises and we are using it to showcase what a solar thermal hot water system can do

Richard Percival, Director of Jigsaw FM