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Energysaver MULTI

Energysaver MULTI

Rinnai Energysaver Multi Space Heating System

The Rinnai Energysaver Multi system reverses the traditional principle of heating large spaces as the heated air is thrown out at a habitable level. This ensures that as the hot air rises the actual living space and thus the occupants can enjoy a heated habitable space.

The Rinnai Energy Saver system also reduces the run time, as the habitable space is being heated immediately and the occupants of the room are going to start to feel the warmth straight away.

If we now take a large space, for example a church typically with high vaulted ceilings, with conventional convector heaters there is a major problem as the heat will immediately rise to the ceiling. However if we fit a number of Rinnai Energysavers linked through a central time control, we bring the heating on approx. 30 minutes prior to the building being occupied. This is now a system that is primarily heating the area that people occupy and not heating a vast area of space above.

Any number of Rinnai space heaters can run off a central time clock providing a higher number of BTUs to heat large spaces. The Energysaver Multi is not limited to single Energy savers as the flexibility of the system guarantees any units can be mixed and matched together to satisfy even the most unique buildings.


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