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Energysaver 309FTR

Energysaver 309FTR

Rinnai 309FTR Space Heater

Rinnai Fanned Convection powered flue heaters have earned a well deserved reputation and are:

  • Quick to warm up
  • Easy to control
  • Economical to run

They provide safe, controllable heat with maximum energy efficiency, combined with flexibility of location.

  • Available for Nat Gas or LPG
  • Fully modulating, heat output is reduced as the space temperature rises
  • Safer low temperature casing
  • Warm air is delivered at floor level for greater comfort and coverage of even greater spaces
  • Time controlled for added economy

The Rinnai 309FTR also features:

  • Infra-red remote control (On, Off, temperature Up or Down)
  • 24 hour digital dual timer with intelligent features
  • Self diagnostic
  • Self learning pre heat time


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Input 3.4kW
Output 2.92kW/9,963 Btu/h
Height 695mm
Width 465mm
Depth 257mm
Standard Flue 240mm - 400mm
Alternative flues to fit walls 5mm - 1000mm
Flue hole diameter 80mm

Additional Information

Gas Usage 0.31m3
Gas usage LPG 0.26kg/hr
Efficiency Net 85.9%
Max flue length 7m

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