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Space heaters

>> Available for Nat Gas or LPG

>> Fully modulating

>> 80mm flue for neater finish

>> Safer low temperature casing

>> Greater comfort and coverage

>> Time controlled

Space heaters
Commercial Space Heating

Commercial Space Heating

Energy efficient and reliable energy solutions

A major problem in heating a church or other large public space is the pattern of usage, the age of the building and the building envelope materials.

For example they may be heated for a Sunday service, or possibly a mid week meeting. Then there are occasions when heat is required at fairly short notice. The buildings often have high ceilings, and the size and distribution of the occupants can vary from time to time.

Rinnai provide a innovative solution to these issues by heating from the floor up and by modulating gas usage in relation to room temperature, enabling Rinnai to provide unparalleled levels of comfort and efficiency.

They provide safe, controllable heat with maximum energy efficiency, combined with flexibility of location.

  • Available for Nat Gas or LPG
  • Fully modulating, heat output is reduced as the space temperature rises
  • Tiny 80mm flue for a neater finish
  • Safer low temperature casing
  • Warm air is delivered at floor level for greater comfort and coverage even in large spaces
  • Time controlled for added economy


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