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Rinnai offers both flat plate and evacuated tube connectors, each with specific benefits to suit your application.

Either option will provide years of low maintenance, low cost energy to heat your water.

Renewable water heating solutions

Renewable water heating solutions

Rinnai continuous flow water heaters can be utilised as a secondary heat source for a solar or ASHP-booster hot water delivery system. This is the most energy efficient of all methods available today.

For all-year round hot water, Rinnai Infinity continuous flow water heaters are renewables ready when you are. They
can be easily retro fitted or have renewables fitted on when the end user is ready to take that step whether it is solar thermal, solar PV or heat pump technology.

For example, a Rinnai unit used as a solar gas booster maximises solar gain, as it only consumes energy when more that the primary heat source can cope with is needed. The rest of the time the unit is inactive and therefore so is the fossil fuel usage.

It is also the only booster that ensures never ending hot water - no matter the demand so people can shower or bath any time of the day or night. Fossil fuel is only used when the renewable energy store is below the hot water temperature set-point, thus reducing the dependancy on fossil fuel and reducing harmful emissions.

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